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The View From My Window

April 1, 2018

I was out walking the dog one afternoon when I spied a man on a bicycle headed toward us on the sidewalk. He was on the next block so I expected him to leave the sidewalk & ride on the road to avoid us. Instead, he peddled through the crosswalk & continued to move in our direction. I was thinking bad thoughts about this guy.

When he got within about 10 yards of us he looked up, jerked his bike over the curb onto the road & said, “Sorry buddy I didn’t see you.”
“No problem; happy days,” I replied.
“You too,” he said as he sped past.

I thought, what a nice young man. A moment earlier I was ready to condemn this guy for inconveniencing my life. His words & actions changed my attitude toward him. He was the exact same person he’d been but my attitude toward him did a complete 180. That’s when I felt an all too familiar conviction that I’d rushed to judge someone based solely on my limited perception of the circumstances. Oh to see others as Jesus sees them! This morning we get a look at what Jesus saw & felt as He hung on that cross in our place.

Pastor Joel Everhart

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