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The View From My Window

April 8, 2018

There are many different kinds of crowds. There are hostile crowds like you get on a Black Friday where everyone is competing for merchandise (Watch out, door unlocking dude!). There are friendly crowds like you get at a Christian concert. There are united crowds like those gathered in Washington to demonstrate for a common cause. There are pumped crowds like those gathered to cheer for the home team.

Church is an altogether different kind of a crowd. It can contain elements from all of the above mentioned examples but it should stand apart as unique. If our church is going to benefit you to the fullest extent of its potential you’ll need to buy in: come often, get involved, make some close friends, & become part of the family. I know its tempting to stay at arm’s length & avoid any potentially awkward moments but life is a team sport. Each of us is stronger when we work together. Get crowded, join the church, & become a part of something bigger than yourself.

Pastor Joel Everhart

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