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The View From My Window

December 10, 2017

I was on my way to the office on a Monday morning; I was in the third car back from a school bus, which had stopped to take on a student then started moving. The car behind the bus moved forward; the SUV in front of me continued to sit there. I was about to beep the horn when he slowly started to roll forward. Unfortunately, as he rolled he also drifted into the wrong lane. His vehicle was 25% into the oncoming lane when a car coming the other direction crested the hill just 20 yards ahead of us. I laid on the horn & he jerked his car back into our lane just as the oncoming car shot past us.

My heart was pounding; only moments before I had felt inconvenienced by a distracted driver but now I felt fortunate to be alive & that no one was injured. Using our lips is a little like beeping our horn: it’s usually better not to but when necessary use them to help someone else rather than promote your own agenda.

Pastor Joel Everhart

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