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The View From My Window

December 3, 2017

It was early November & I really didn’t want to take the time but my dog insisted on an early morning walk. Callie pulled me in the direction of a nearby park, so, even though it was a longer route I followed. As it turns out, it was a wonderful morning with pleasant temperatures & many of the fallen leaves boasted vibrant colors.

I started collecting some of the more interesting leaves to take home to my wife & mother in law. Half of me was greatly enjoying the walk & the other half was reminding me of everything I was hoping to accomplish that day. A longer walk & collecting leaves wasn’t on the list, but maybe it should have been. Those leaves weren’t gorgeous for long; those temperatures weren’t going to be comfortable forever.

Having a basic list of priorities is necessary if we hope to have a productive, meaningful life. But that doesn’t mean we always have to be pushing to live within the top three items on that list. Somewhere there has to be room for a little “rose smelling” else life is reduced to being a rat racer.

Pastor Joel Everhart

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