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The View From My Window

December 31, 2017

Usually I’m not a fan of following a school bus but the other morning one stopped in front of me to take on a load of kids that warmed my heart. A young father stepped out of his pickup followed by three boys. The two older boys each gave him a hug then ran onto the bus. The younger boy stood with his dad waving at his brothers. The father & son didn’t jump right back into their truck … they stood there waving. The man looked relaxed with his boys; they appeared appreciative of his attentiveness. That guy wasn’t too busy or in a hurry: it looked like he was taking care of the most important item on his agenda for the day.

Much of what we do we do just to get something done, cross it off our list, put in our time, etc. But there are some things in life that should be treated with special care. There are some things we need to do with the right mindset or we shouldn’t do them at all. Fasting is on that list. Fast with the right motives & the right goals or please don’t bother. We’ll be talking about that this morning.

Pastor Joel Everhart

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