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The View From My Window

February 18, 2018

One thing I learned through our time of fasting & prayer is that I’m always hungry. It doesn’t matter if I’m fasting or eating, I’m always hungry. It was actually easier to control my cravings whenever I was fasting! Give my flesh a little & it always wanted more. My flesh cannot be tamed, it will never be my friend, it will never tell me the truth. The best I can do is control its desires. That is a daily fight.

To learn obedience is to acquire skills that we need to continually apply to our human nature in order to constrain it to walk along righteous paths. Otherwise, it will rush off into folly every chance it gets. If it can’t run off it is ever whining, scheming. collecting lies in an attempt to inch us off the straight & narrow.

Getting your flesh to heaven is like trying to take a dangerous criminal somewhere: you have to stay alert or you will die in the process. Did you know Jesus “learned” obedience? That’s why He can teach us how to successfully control all of our desires.

Pastor Joel Everhart

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