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The View From My Window

February 4, 2018

I fired up my computer this morning only to find that the Internet was down; not globally, just here at the church. It was kind of like when the electricity is off: everything I think to do because I can’t do what I’m trying to do also requires electricity. Having lived most of my life in a non-Internet world it amazed me just how dependent I’ve become on it. Nevertheless, I was able to text all of our board members to let them know our meeting was cancelled due to an ice storm. Twenty years ago I wouldn’t have thought to contact most of them at work; it just wasn’t done. Now even while we’re at work all our social contacts have access to us & whenever we’re supposedly on our free time all our work associates, customers, etc. have access to us. Are we becoming more relaxed in our business world or is our business taking over our lives?

Maybe we were better off when we could go to work & only think about work. Just how many fish can we fry at the same time? We need a break; we need some rest. We need exactly what Hebrews 4 promises: a rest for the people of God! That’s what we’ll be talking about this morning.

Pastor Joel Everhart

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