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Membership Application
You are eligible to apply for church membership after attending & serving at New Life regularly for three months. To apply, complete this application & submit it to Pastor Joel.

New Ministry Request Form
To request to launch a new ministry at New Life, you must complete & submit this form & the required attachment to Pastor Joel. Decisions are made within 30-60 days of the request submission date.

Church Directory Update Form
To update your contact information or add a family member’s information to the church directory, complete this form & drop it off at the Welcome Center. Church directories are printed annually.

Water Baptism Information
To be baptized in water, you must first repent of your sins & accept Christ as Savior. If you have prayerfully considered making this public proclamation of faith, contact Pastor Joel. This form provides a more in-depth view of water baptism & a checklist of items for candidates to bring to their baptism service.



Medical Release & Permission Form
This is a general permission & medical release for a child to attend & participate in all group activities in 2017. Please complete this form & submit it to Ariel Strine.

Child Information Form
This is a general information form which enables our Kids Ministry staff to better serve your child. Please complete this form & submit it to Ariel Strine. The information on this form should be updated annually.



To volunteer at New Life, you must complete & submit: (1) New Life’s Volunteer Application, (2) the Volunteer Qualification Affidavit (if you’ve resided in PA for the past 10 consecutive years)*, (3) PA Child Abuse History Clearance, (4) the PA State Police Criminal Record Clearance, & (5) the signature page within the Policies & Procedures for Working in Kids & Youth Ministries manual. You’ll find these required components listed below. Click here for Helpful Tips to Complete Your Clearances. Please complete these clearances & submit them in person to Darla Border.

*If you have not resided in Pennsylvania for the past 10 consecutive years, you must obtain & submit an FBI Criminal Background Check.

Volunteer Application
Volunteer Qualification Affidavit
PA Child Abuse History Clearance (or click here to complete the application online)
PA State Police Criminal Record Clearance (or click here to complete the application online)
FBI Criminal Background Check (only if you’ve lived outside of PA in the past 10 years)
Policies & Procedures for Serving in Kids & Youth Ministries