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The View From My Window

January 14, 2018

My battle to control my appetite for food comes in stages. When I’m out of control I eat almost constantly whenever I’m at home. Every time I walk through the kitchen I grab something to eat; I’ll carry a bag of pretzels or whatever along to the couch & munch or maybe I’ll raid the fridge for some leftover dessert. While I’m eating one thing I’m thinking about what I’ll eat next. I don’t eat until I’m full, I eat until I’m stuffed then can’t wait for the bloating to subside so I can eat some more. In this state I crave sweets, especially chocolate. Hunger pangs feel like an emergency — I’m starving to death!

When I’m on the right track, I eat three small meals a day & have a bowl of cereal in the evening. I’m free from the lust to munch — my sweet tooth is in remission. I feel better physically & sleep better at night. The food I eat tastes better. I’m happy to step on the scale & look in the mirror. Hunger pangs remind me that my body is eating away at my fat & I’m winning.

That’s usually when I begin to DRIFT. “A little won’t hurt…” DRIFT NOT!

Pastor Joel Everhart

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