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The View From My Window

January 25, 2015

A. W. Tozer says that God will be as pleased to have us in Heaven as we are to be there. That’s an amazing thought! I suppose it’s just one more way to express God’s immense love for us. It would help to explain the cross: Jesus did what He did in order to save us — at such an enormous cost! If He didn’t want us in Heaven, He could have just not suffered the pains of Calvary. The cross is the Lord’s unforgettable valentine to you signed with His own precious blood.

Now, if He is so anxious for us to get to Heaven in order to be with Him He must have a pretty good reason for keeping us here a little longer (or maybe I should say reasons). Here are a few I can think of: (1) He enjoys watching us live this life much like we enjoy watching children & grandchildren grow & conquer new feats, (2) He’s already enjoying intimacy with us as we worship, pray, & live, & (3) only while we’re here can He use us to influence others to grasp a hold of faith for the first time or keep holding onto it if they’re already a believer.

You won’t be here much longer. Look forward to being with Jesus in Heaven but enjoy the view while you’re here — be with Jesus as much as possible now. Make good use of your remaining days or hours by helping someone else see the light we’re journeying toward.

– Pastor Joel Everhart


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