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The View From My Window

January 28, 2018

Today we’re 26 days into our 40 days of Fasting & Prayer. One thing I’ve learned about fasting is that the battleground isn’t my stomach — it’s my mind. My body responds well if my mind is right, but I struggle terribly if I allow the wrong thoughts to dominate my brain. It’s funny how many people think it’s their job to fill my head with lies.

You’ve noticed this if you’ve ever been on a diet: someone will do everything they can to get you to eat whatever it is they’re eating. They’ll tell you how delicious it is, they’ll lie about it being good for you, they’ll even compliment you on your progress & suggest you deserve a treat for having done so well! If all else fails they’ll feign concern that you’ve lost too much weight & are in danger. And it’s not only with food. This happens whenever you try to make any changes for the better.

Why are they so motivated? People doing what is right are very convicting to people who are not. We feel better about ourselves when everyone else is making the same mistakes we are. Don’t be dissuaded from seeking God just because you often feel alone in your search or the enemy is trying to discourage you with lies. Press in, press on, & finish strong!

Pastor Joel Everhart

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