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The View From My Window

January 7, 2018

You’ve heard me talk about my habit of running for a long time now; in fact, I’ve been running for over 30 years. However, I ran in my first race this last summer. Knowing I was going to be in a competition changed how I ran. I lost some weight & started training two months before the event. I won my age class by one second. If I had not gotten serious about running – even though I’ve run for over three decades – I would have lost. If you don’t know you’re in a race how can you win? If you don’t know what to look for how can you win the scavenger hunt?

If you don’t know where to go how can you get there? As you struggle through life, work to attain those things worth having. Stop wasting your time on foolish pursuits & invest it in seeking to know & please God. This is your journey, our purpose, our event, make the most of it.

Pastor Joel Everhart

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