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The View From My Window

March 11, 2018

I did my taxes this year on February 3rd. Why did I do them that early? So I wouldn’t have to keep reminding myself over & over to get them done. With each reminder would come that little “jab” of dread. I’ve saved myself a ton of dread!

My greatest device for guarding against laziness is my desire to make tomorrow easier. There are many things that IF I get them done today I don’t have to do them tomorrow. My wife asked me the other day, “Why are you doing the floors now?” My response was, “So I don’t have to do them tomorrow.” I find myself giving that answer a lot.

In today’s study the writer to the Hebrews cautions us not to become lazy in our spiritual lives. A little spiritual exercise today: prayer, Bible study & service will make tomorrow much easier & much more productive.

Pastor Joel Everhart

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