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The View From My Window

March 25, 2018

My wife has been concerned about our dog’s teeth for some time so we finally scheduled an appointment with the vet to have them cleaned. In order to clean a dog’s teeth they use anesthesia. While the dog is out they remove moles, trim the nails & do anything else they can find. Don’t you wish it worked that way for humans? Go in for a surgery & come out with everything fixed!

Some poor souls have gone in for surgery, were mistaken for another patient & ended up having a procedure they didn’t need. That’s kind of what the original Palm Sunday was like: the people cheered Jesus thinking He would soon be becoming their King (and in a way He did), but within a few days Jesus died on a cross.

Within the crowd that saw Jesus that day were His loyal followers, His bitter enemies & a sea of the uncommitted either way. Those divisions persist today. Which of those categories would your friends say you belong in?

Pastor Joel Everhart

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