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The View From My Window

March 4, 2018

About 6 years ago a friend of mine died. His mother gave me a pair of his shoes, brand new in the box. They were a size too big for my feet but I kept them thinking that someday I’d wear them. Last Sunday was that day. I put them on & although they felt a little sloppy they were comfortable.

During the worship service I noticed that pieces of my left shoe had fallen off onto the floor & another section was hanging from the side. I picked up the pieces & peeled off what was dangling not giving it another thought. When I got home & pulled my shoes off the soles of the shoes completely detached from the leather. They’re a great looking pair of useless shoes. I was thankful that I didn’t leave pieces of my shoes all over the church to end up walking in my bare feet!

A lot of us are like those shoes: look good & healthy but close to collapse. I don’t mean to upset you but that’s usually not due to circumstances. Many people live through devastating drama & do not fold under the pressure. Add to that the fact that as people of God we have His promise that we’ll never be given more than we can bear & His many promises to overcome any obstacle in our path… Usually the deciding factor between endurance & collapse is the quality of our own soul. Grow up. Stop seeing yourself as a victim & start living like the conqueror God has equipped you to be. If it happens in your life, God knows you can master it.

Pastor Joel Everhart

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