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New Life Assembly is committed to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ in our neighborhood, nation, & around the world. We are proud to financially & prayerfully support the following missions programs & missionaries:


Mission Programs & Organizations

Adams Rescue Mission

Boys & Girls Missionary Challenge

Campus Life Ministry

Good News Jail & Prison Ministries

Joy El Generation

New Hope Ministries

New Life for Girls

The Salvation Army

Speed the Light Missions for Youth

Teen Challenge

Tender Care Crisis Pregnancy Center

East Berlin Area Food Pantry – 1st Wednesday of each month (2-6pm) at Trinity Lutheran Church

Ruth’s Harvest Backpack Feeding Program, which benefits 150 students in the Bermudian Springs School District (we are currently collecting single-serve cereal, 8oz. cartons of shelf-safe milk, & single-serve ravioli)



Joseph & Elena Anonby (Dominican Republic)

Ramzy & Nancy Asfour (Netherlands)

Doug & Carol Baldwin (Ecuador)

Kevin & Sandy Barner (Thailand)

Joseph & Heidi Barrale (Chi Alpha Campus Ministries)

Mark & Kelly Baumgartner (Canary Islands)

Omar & Pat Beiler (Eurasia)

Sam & Naomi Brelo (Belgium)

Jerry & Vicki Brown (Latin America Caribbean )

Ana & Mircea Dascalescu (Romania)

Richard & Sandra Farthing (Latin America Caribbean)

Ken & Kathy Ferguson (Global Initiative for Reaching Muslim Peoples)

Kevin & Annie Folk (Global University)

Courtney & Peter Good (Greece)

John & Wilma Hall (Nicaragua)

Duane & Carolyn Henders (Global Teen Challenge)

Gary & Cindy Higgins (Latin America)

David & Anna Hymes (Japan)

Jerry & Paula Ireland (Togo, Africa)

Austin & Jennifer Jones (Alaska)

Fred & Crystal Kovach (Bible Translators for Global University)

Peggy Lamb (Global University)

Pat & Brenda Mahar (Greece)

Sam & Janice Mayeski (Latin America Caribbean)

Juan & Shirley Ocasio (Georgia, Eurasia)

Tim & Beth Pike (Antigua/Barbuda, Latin America Caribbean)

Doug & Jackee Raught (Netherlands)

Terry & Bridget Rosch (Panama)

James & Sherry Sabella (Europe)

Scott & Leah Schesser (Japan)

Joel & Nichole Schreiber (Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, Edinboro State University)

Denny & Debby Seler (Costa Rica)

Mike Silva (AG World Missions Builders International)

Arthur & Joyce Stoneking (Mexico)

Shahan & Tyra Teberian (Armenia)

Chris & Peggy Trombetta (US Native American Missions)

Mike & Cara Tyler (Germany)

Delton & Marilyn Watts (Bible Translators for Life Publishers International)

Doug & Joan Webber (AG World Missions Builders International)

Jeff & Rebecca Wiles (Haiti)

Brett & Rebekah Zeiler (Cambodia)

*Some of the missionaries ministering in sensitive locations around the world have been omitted from this list to maintain their safety.