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The View From My Window

November 12, 2017

I don’t think I was even ten years old when my mom signed my brother & me up for swimming lessons at the YMCA. I am forever grateful to her for doing that. The ability to swim is a gift I’ve enjoyed throughout my life even though its been a rare treat for me. At the time I was not nearly so appreciative & if my brother hadn’t gone along I don’t think I’d have had the courage to do it.

After a week of practice we were lined up at the deep end of the pool where we were to dive in from a sitting position & swim to the shallow end. My dive was more of a drop & to this day I can remember the feeling of sinking until one of the instructors reached in, grabbed me by the arm & hoisted me ashore. He said, “Back to the shallow end.” Eventually I was able to pass all my tests & get my certificate.

Water is necessary for life & can be a whole lot of fun but it can also be deadly. This morning we are going to take a closer look at water in hopes of raising our gratitude for all God’s provisions.

Pastor Joel Everhart

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