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The View From My Window

November 26, 2017

A cold wind was blowing right through the window behind my desk & I suddenly decided to rearrange my office. My office had been in that arrangement for as long as it existed. I never intended to move any of my furnishings … but that wind…

Since I was rearranging I decided to do something very drastic & out of character for me: I got rid of most of my library! I had a lot of those books for over 40 years but I hadn’t used them for the past 10 due to all the online helps available. Still, it was heart wrenching to part with them. Many were beautifully bound & looked impressive sitting on those shelves. My fear, of course, is that I’ll live to regret that purging but I’m glad I didn’t wait much longer: Those books are heavy & I’m not getting any younger!

How do we become so attached to things that are all going to burn anyway? Is it the memories they hold? Do we think of them as old friends? Neither is really true. How about you; got any pitching to do?

Pastor Joel Everhart

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