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The View From My Window

September 24, 2017


About the time I graduated from college the timing chain in my car broke. I spent an extra week in Missouri waiting for the garage to get the right parts … Do you have any idea what it’s like to graduate then feel “stuck” in an abandoned college town? Everyone else has moved on with their lives. All your friends have vamoosed. It was a Wednesday afternoon when I got the call that the car was done & an hour later I was on the road home to my family, my future, & my fiancé.

Nothing makes freedom sweeter than waiting for it. I was so juiced (excited, not influenced by chemical substances) that I drove all night in order to surprise Barb the next day. Wait for it … wait for it … there is coming a day when we will be free from worry, pain, anxiety, frustration & heartache! We’re going Home.

Pastor Joel Everhart

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