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The View From My Window

February 25, 2018

As we finish this 40 days of fasting I realize I’ve broken free from my passion for chocolate! I’ve never enjoyed vegetables more. I no longer use any sweetener in my tea. I’ve given up soda pop altogether. Far from missing any of those things I feel like a champ; like I’m winning.

“You are what you eat.” You’ve heard that phrase before. It’s true physically but it’s also true emotionally, mentally, & spiritually. A large part of our 40 days of fasting was to get better. In order to get better we need to develop better appetites because we do what we want to do. Fasting resets your palate. Food you used to turn your nose up at suddenly becomes delicious when you haven’t eaten for a few days.

Determine in your heart to do without whatever is causing you trouble for a determined amount of time: food, sex, smut, negative thinking… Then allow yourself only what is healthy for the new you that you want to become. You can, with the help of God, literally rebuild your life. Start today or — if you have started — continue on!

Pastor Joel Everhart

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