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The View From My Window

November 5, 2017

Years ago I went to the Lord asking for some help: “It’s too loud in our house,” I said. “Everyone is yelling & that shouldn’t be.” He responded, “Yeah, stop yelling.” “But I have to yell because they’re yelling & I’m supposed to be in charge,” I said. “When you stop yelling they will too,” He said.

It took a while but as I remained calm even as they got loud eventually they calmed down too. I hate to have to take personal responsibility for my life. I’m much more comfortable blaming others or circumstances beyond my control.

However, God expects us to step up, to mature, to take who we have been & improve it. Even if we do not hold ourselves personally responsible for our thoughts, feelings & actions (or reactions as the case may be) God does. Stop blaming others, your past, your circumstances, your genes, the President, the economy … Start acting like a child of God should act until it becomes part of your character.

Pastor Joel Everhart

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