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The View From My Window

September 3, 2017

Okay, I’ve been doing really well on my “program” (diet & exercise) for the better part of this year but I have to tell you: sometimes it gets wearisome. I had an extra helping of rice along with my dinner yesterday just to remember how good it feels to have a full belly & this morning the scale told me I’d gained two pounds! Now I know there are natural ebbs & flows to body weight & if I stick to my program those pounds will be gone by the end of the week BUT…

Oh how my flesh yearns for permission to pig out, to indulge itself, to destroy itself. And sadly, there are long stretches in my life I give it the freedom to do just that. “Oh Lord, please grant me more of that fruit of the Spirit called self-control!” If you had more willpower what would you spend it on? What would you change about yourself if only you could? Maybe there’ll be a little help for you in this morning’s message.

Pastor Joel Everhart

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